• Growth Realization...

    We are well aware of the importance of advancement within the investment sector and we ensure that all methodologies are thoroughly evaluated.

  • Portfolio Building...

    It is our unrivalled success in these key areas, which has cemented our reputation within the financial industry.


Taylor McKenzie is a professional wealth management company, which has developed an enviable reputation for consistent, market-leading investments for our clients. We strive to exceed the high levels of client service, professionalism and commitment which our clients have come to expect from us. Taylor McKenzie has built its reputation as one of the industry’s leading investment companies on the results that it has shown clients.

Taylor McKenzie realizes the importance of ethics when it comes to investing. We evaluate each product, asset class and market for any possible adverse effects on the economy or people prior to committing funds. We see ourselves as your ambassador to the investment market and take a conscientious view of what we do on your behalf.

  • Investment Strategies

    The consistently high returns our clients enjoy, year on year, are the result of the meticulous development and refinement of our core strategy since our inception.

  • Raising Capital

    We are committed to helping companies, large and small, fledgling and established to plan future growth.

  • Wealth Management

    Taylor McKenzie encourages the continual development of our professional teams.